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Outstanding Lexington Pressure Washing Company

Our little pressure washing company has more than enough to offer you here in Lexington. We have a plethora of pressure washing services that are more than satisfactory and are in and of themselves of the highest quality!

So when you're in search of Lexington pressure washing, count on High Fidelity Pressure Washing to deliver you the best!

House washing

House Washing

House washing is one of our most popular pressure washing services. It's a service that we recommend homeowners receive at least once per year to regularly maintain the cleanliness and appearance of their homes. It's a service that is essentially a shower for your home where the dirt, stains, and grime are washed away.

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Driveway washing

Driveway Washing

Driveway washing services are another one of our services that's highly rated and sought after. With driveway washing, we implement the standards of pressure washing methods to blast and clean off dirt, stains, grime, and other pollutants from the surface of your driveway.

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Deck washing

Deck Washing

As decks are the main outdoor living space, it's important to maintain their cleanliness and appearance for your home and your family to look and feel healthy when lounging. Our deck cleaning services take your old dirty deck and revitalize it with pressure washing and cleaning methods.

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Pool deck cleaning

Pool Deck Cleaning

Having clean pool water is up to you, but we can help with maintaining the cleanliness of your pool's exterior and deck. We can ensure that your pool deck is 100% clean, stain-free, and ready for those pool parties with our pool deck cleaning services!

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Fence washing

Fence Washing

Whether you're looking to repaint your fence or just keep it looking fresh, our pressure washing company can help you with our fence washing services. We can get rid of the old chipped paint and stains that plague your fence and get it looking back to its old glory.

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Retaining wall cleaning

Retaining Wall Cleaning

Retaining walls are an excellent and sometimes necessary addition to any home or commercial property. The wall can sometimes get dirty with all of the mud and muck that finds its way into the cracks, grooves, and crevasses that are in the materials that make up the wall. Our retaining wall cleaning services get your wall looking fresh and pleasing to look at.

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Sidewalk cleaning

Sidewalk Cleaning

Whether you're looking to get your home's sidewalks cleaned or you're a commercial real estate owner seeking sidewalk cleaning services, we have you covered. Our pressure washing company can provide you with sidewalk cleaning services that will revitalize your sidewalks from old and stained to brand new and crisp!

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Commercial pressure washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

High Fidelity Pressure Washing is the pressure washing company that provides any and all residents of Lexington with pressure washing services, and that includes commercial properties. We have commercial pressure washing services for businesses looking to maintain their properties with pressure washing.

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Commercial Pressure Washing in Berea, KY Image

Commercial Pressure Washing in Berea, KY

We were asked to clean a loading dock, an awning, and organic matter off of the building. Location: Bearea, KY Services: Commercial Pressure Washing If your business needs a good exterior cleaning, or you're interested in any other pressure washing services, contact us today. […]

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Concrete Cleaning at the Lexington Tennis Club Image

Concrete Cleaning at the Lexington Tennis Club

I was asked to clean all of the concrete around 2 pools and all the concrete around the tennis courts. We used several cleaning agents, a surface cleaner and a pressure washing gun to complete this project. Location: Lexington, KY Services: Concrete Cleaning If your business needs a good […]

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Hospital Sign Cleaning in Lexington, KY Image

Hospital Sign Cleaning in Lexington, KY

We were able to use a combination of detergents and pressures to get this brick sign clean. As you can tell from the pictures it was long overdo. Service: Sign Cleaning […]

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Brick Patio Cleaning in Lexington, KY Image

Brick Patio Cleaning in Lexington, KY

I pre treated all the entire area with our house wash solution. I then used a surface cleaner to remove all organic material which included dirt, algae and cobwebs. I then used medium pressure to rinse everything off. As you can see from the pictures everything […]

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